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A focus on proven and tested activities will grow your revenue. As your “go to” consulting firm, Industrial Quality Management will do the homework for you. We provide you with insights into your market and competition, so that you can make the right decisions at the right time.

Effective and Accountable

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We provide tailored solutions for your business through our marketing, selling, and management expertise. Our core belief is that all activities must be measured for return on investment. Partner with us and focus on what you do best.

Services to accelerate your profit:


Marketing that delivers real returns


How to close more sales


Developing systems that drive profit

Case Studies

Our portfolio of past projects

For the Cost of a Single Employee

We Become Your Revenue Growth Team

We operate as your businesses marketing agency and/or sales department while you focus on growing. Industrial Quality Management was founded and operates on the principle that all activities should be accountable. Your accounting department and CFO is our best friend.

  • Know which campaigns generated the most sales.

  • Optimize marketing spend to generate maximum return.

  • Obtain data to make management decisions easier.

Because We Are Different

Our Customers Love Us

At IQM our approach integrates all components of sales & marketing and applies management oversight. Other agencies focus exclusively on design, specific projects or management. By taking the full picture into context we enable you to better identify growth opportunities for your business. In addition, we take care to integrate with your operations team in order to make sales and operations a seamless process. Whether we are your marketing agency, sales agency, or management consultants, we deliver real world results.

“Upwards of 4 million dollars in leads have been generated since IQM built and launched our website 4 months ago”Paul Hiebert, President of Mainland Machinery

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